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How Vapor devices ecigs work are fascinating and Vapor batteries have come a long way! We went from small vape pens that looked like cigarettes, to advanced personalized vape setups that vary so significantly that a battery that looks the same as another brands battery may only have the life span of half or less. The importance of purchasing from the right company can not be understated. You want authentic products that last and that will satisfy your smoking craving for optimum success. So how do you know what battery or Mod is right for you? You have to consider a few obvious questions. How much power vapor production do you need to satisfy your nicotine craving? How much you will use the device, your preference in shape, size and even style. These are just a few important questions you have to get answered wright in order to have a successful switch from tobacco products. With the wide array of brands on the market it can be confusing to choose what setup to purchase, what nicotine strength you need and what pair of a vape tank and battery that is wright for you. Premier Vapor® Carries only the best brand on the market and you can be sure they are authentic! So when choosing a device, know how that device works and why you feel it will aid you in a smoke free lifestyle. Premier Vapor® is here to help you every step of the way! Scroll our online store, or visit one of our fully customized Brick and mortar locations that was designed with one question in mind, Is this going to give the best customer experince in the industry? With our try everything in store before you buy, to our custom self serving tasting bar, you will leave knowing exactly what you have purchased and know that it works for you. Even our online store provides all of the information you need to make an informed decision before you purchase and if there is a question you may have, we have 24hour customer service!

Vaping Tanks, Cartridges, atomizers, Eliquid reservoirs have come a long way in just a few short years. These revolutionary creations come in all shapes, sizes and even styles, but the Most important aspect of vaping is to get the wright vape setup that works for you. This is easier to understand then to actually get the wright vaping device considering the vast selection of vaporizers on the market. Premier Vapor® understands this challenge intimately and we go the extra to ensure you choose the right vape tank in order to experience ultimate satisfaction. It is our goal to get it right the first time and for you to make the switch successfully. A couple of variables to consider when choosing the wright tank for you is; Coil resistance, airflow, the size of the tank, the functionality of the tank, is it a top fill tank? or is it a hassle to refill with your Vape juice? These are all important questions that you need to consider when you purchase a Vape Tank or Starter kit. You may be someone who likes a stronger inhalation, or someone who likes a warmer vaping sensation. This is why Premier Vapor® carries every possible selection of vaping products to satisfy all of our customers needs. If you are purchasing online and have questions regarding how Vapor devices ecigs work, please contact us, we will respond immediately. If you stop into a Premier Vapor® location you can try all vapor products before you buy! Remember, we want to get it right for you the first time! If you think that this is all to confusing and it is easier to continue to smoke, that is incorrect. The vaping industry is evolving at a rapid rate for one reason, to ensure all smokers have a way to successfully quit smoking. Learn more on our FAQ page and make the switch today!

Looking for a simpler vape setup? Premier Vapor has you covered!

Although the Vape pen style setups look like they may perform less, that is not necessarily true. With Vaping innovation moving faster then most technology, you can purchase a smaller Vape style pen and get just the wright satisfaction. There are of course pro’s and con’s to everything, but at the end of the day it is what works best for you! Vape starter kits are in huge demand and even many smokers who converted to vaping when ecigs were first introduced, they still desire the pen like style. Wether you are are looking for a Vape style starter kit and learn how they work, or you are looking for an advanced Mod, Premier Vapor® carries it all! Visit our online store and browse the latest, authentic products today!