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You’ve been smoking cigarettes for years, but one of your friends tells you about their newly had experience : They quit smoking and purchased their first e-cigarette / Vape Setup. Vaping has become widely popular over the past few years and, in hearing some perks about it, you may think it’s the right choice for you too, and it probably is considering all viable studies indicate that vapor products are at least 95% less harmful then tobacco products! But you may have an overwhelming amount of questions or even doubts about some of the products that modern society has come to know and love. Premier Vapor® has been at the forefront of the vaping industry for years and we will help you easily understand what’s best for you and. For those just quitting cigarettes and starting their vape journey, Premier Vapor® offers you a customer service experience like no other, with a wide diversity of Vaping products, e-liquids, around the clock support and more, making your transition process simple!

The Biggest Decision: Vaping 

So you’ve made the decision to start vaping, but your overwhelmed with the wide diversity of vape products on the market and finding which one is explicitly right for you seems daunting? Luckily for you, you have plenty of options to choose from with Premier Vapor® at your side providing the guidance that every beginner vaper should have!

Perhaps a smaller Cig-a-like is best for you? If you’re looking for something simple because you’re the type of person who is always on the move, a smaller, low Maintence option may be your best pick. But you must consider the most important aspect, usability. What good would a smaller vape, with a short battery life be if you are a heavier vaper? After all, this would require more battery power which disposables do not provide… Remember, a dead battery is comparable to a cigarette without a lighter… This is just one variable to consider when choosing the right vape for you.


You may choose a pen-style mod, which takes one step closer to customized vaping. These style vapes allow for you to swap various components in your e-cig, from changing the tank to your desired look and performance, to changing the tip (drip tip) for more airflow or simply a design preference. This allows for a sense of customization which all vapers have grown to love. They are more powerful and reliable than the disposable e-cig that you find at your local gas station that may last a half a day for a whopping $9.99 each making the Vape pen style vape starters kit a viable option for you.The pen style vapes are rechargeable and most come with a Micro USB charger for fast on the go charging and most can be recharged up to 300-400 times depending on the brand and make. Sounds much better then a disposable ecig that last a half a day for 9.99 right? Vape style pens can cost under $20.00 and up to $60.00 Depending on the make and brand of course.


Some choose to jump right into the powerful world of “Mods” (Modified Vape devices). It all depends on what will be enough to kick the butts for good. “Mods” offer the user the ability to change just about every setting and even the cosmetics. From Wattage preferences, to a precise temperature control vaping experience, “mods” can and will allow the user the ability to vape at pin point settings every time. “Mods” have become widely available in all shapes and sizes and have grown in popularity over the past couple of years, even having screens the size of smartphones and technology that is found in modern electronics. When Mods first arrived on the vaping scene, they were more geared for the hobbyist, But because of innovation and consumer demand, Mods have become more compact, user friendly and even cheaper, making mods a viable option for just about anyone. Premier Vapor® believes in diversity, offering a wide range of products to ensure that you find what works best for you!

Finding a Vape is just the first step, perhaps the most important is what flavor and nicotine level you choose. You have to choose a Vape flavor that you can vape all day and ultimately choose over the cigarettes you have been smoking your entire life, this can be more challenging then you think and requires patience. There are even more considerations to be made, such as the distinction between VG and PG levels and grades, to the nicotine level which tends to be a personal preference  in experience, but the most important consideration of all. At Premier Vapor® we will take a look at your current or previous smoking habits and take action on this awesome life changing decision. Some of the most common strengths are 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg, which range from light smokers to heavy.


Before thinking to yourself that this is just all too much, remember there are many options available to you, which is why it is important to exhaust your options and allow Premier Vapor® to help you in your journey to a smok-free lifestyle.. You never know what is best until you try out your options, from asking around to looking at some of your favorite forums. Your journey is beginning and the resources are out there, so check us out today.


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