Choosing a Vape flavor

Are you considering quitting smoking or currently vaping and have yet to venture off to new flavors or brands? Ever wonder about the quality of your current favorite vape flavor? These ideas arise and questions come up. we have the guidance and the answers to your all to common questions.

Luckily for you, at Premier Vapor, we understand the importance of choosing the right e-liqud and consider ourselves experts in the field of delivering liquids of the highest quality that live up to the highest standards and are 100% FDA compliant. Because we want your vaping experience to do be successful not only in your transition but in picking your favorite flavor and brand, we want you to experience our high quality amazing lines of e-liquids based on your flavor preferences and style.

Testing Liquids to Find the Best Vape Flavor

Where do we start when it comes to choosing and E – Liquid? There are so many different types of flavors to choose from and factors that affect the quality of liquids, based on the solutions they consist of, such as PG and VG, which affect how much flavor is provided and how much vapor is produced. However, many people who vape may not research the quality of product that produce their chosen flavors or even know there is a difference, so there’s one option that stands above the rest: Testing out flavors before making a purchase.

Testing out flavors is one of the best first-hand experiences that you can give yourself when you are considering which flavor suits your needs. The reasoning behind this is that every e-liquid will have variations in flavor from the last.You may look at two  different brands and see both named  “Mango”…but that doesn’t mean they are the same quality – much like choosing your favorite food or drink.  With Premier Vapor®, you can visit any of our locations and try all of our flavors in store prior to purchase at our self serve testing bar! Cant make it to one of our locations? You can visit Premier Vapors website and read 1,000’s of reviews on over a dozen of our premium E – Liquid lines.

Various Types of Flavors

The types of flavors available to you are infinite! But this infinite list can turn from delightful to daunting with so many flavors to choose from. To help, a simple breakdown on flavor categories are listed below. There are many flavors to choose from, but we will walk you through some of the most common, and which ones may best suit your needs.

Tobacco Flavors: A large percentage of vapers are ex-smokers, which means that they may lean more toward the flavor of tobacco. Tobacco flavors offer the full flavor of the Tobacco you have grown accustomed to, without the harmful elements of tar, carcinogens, and other chemicals that you find in your tobacco smoke. You can find a tobacco vape flavor in almost every brand because of this reason. We offer a wide selection of tobacco flavors, from American Tobacco, to Classico Tobacco, our Royals E- Liquid line and more!

Single Flavors: These are some of the most popular flavors on the market. There is a wide variety of flavors in this category that you may taste everyday: from coffee, to cakes, to watermelon and so many more! No matter what your preference, from the fresh Apples to the average Pineapple, you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs. We have various flavors to choose from, and are sure you’ll find the one that suits you!

High VGs: VG is a Vegetable Glycerin base that is an odorless liquid additive, and is used in many daily products such as deodorant, aftershave and toothpaste.  This product provides extra smooth and thick vapor. Many consumers prefer a high VG base E- Liquid so they can enjoy the full flavor of there E-Liquid while producing a full, thick smooth vapor. PG based E – Liquids will provide you with a strong throat hit for a more prominent and satisfying vape.

Quality Check Your E- Juice:   The vapor industry has grown exponentially in the last 10 years and the bar for standard of quality has risen just as much! Verify that your juice is compliant with all current FDA Standards and regulations. All flavors should hold a GCC and batch #. This information is pertinent in verifying the quality of you E – Liquid. Rest assured, if you would rather skip the online shopping and sample packs, come in to any Premier Vapor® location near you and check out any of our FDA registered E-Liquids today!

With so many flavors available on the market, what isn’t there to love about quitting smoking? Try various combinations based on the flavors you have come to know and love, and let your creativity run wild. At Premier Vapor® we will help you find the right flavor, nicotine level, vapor production and more! Premier Vapor®  is here to help you find the products that suit your needs and give you the experience you’re looking for and help you pave the way to a successful life change for you and your future!



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