vape tricks and tips

When should i charge my battery?

How long will my battery last?

What battery is right for me?

What does MAH stand for?

These are all common questions and we provide the answers that you need to know in order to have a sensible starting point and a reference when purchasing a vaping device.

Battery Life

There are so many variables to consider when determining how long your battery will last. But one thing is for sure, you always need a fully charged battery/device that can run all day and night without dying . These batteries exist. Example; The Tarot nano from Vaporesso has an internal 2500MAH battery and can output 80watts of power. Or another example; the Eleaf iPower 80 watt device. Just because these vape devices can fire 80Watts of power does not necessarily mean you will be vaping at 80watts. As a matter of fact, your battery life will last much longer if for example, you were vaping at 40watts. Lets use a common electronic device such as a smartphone. You have the ability to adjust your screen to the brightest setting, however, if you set it half way your battery life almost doubles. Same concept with vape batteries and Vape Wattage. Further, your battery life also depends on the following;

  1. How much you draw (In seconds) per inhale (many batteries/devices detect and provide this information)
  2. The tank and coil that you will be using
  3. The amount of overall use per day
  4. And how consistently you use and charge your device.

These questions are almost identical to a smartphone. When considering your phone’s battery life you will be thinking about how much you will be talking on the device, how many hours you will be surfing the web, how much space you will need and how consistent you are with charging your phone. It’s important to remember that although vaping is new, batteries have been around for a long time. They all operate generally the same with lifespans to consider, best charging practices, how well you maintain them, and how often you use them overall.


It is common sense that if you smoked a lot of cigarettes you will most likely need a higher wattage device, a higher Milliamperage battery and most important, a quality trusted brand. Not all vaping devices are created equal. Some devices seem to have a little more or less power than others even when reading the same Vape Wattage or voltage, so purchase your device carefully. You know the saying, “you get what you pay for”, and there is no difference here. Visit our How Devices work Page and learn more!

What is “MAH” and why is it important?

MAH Technical term milliAmpere Hour and to figure out exactly how powerful your battery is, you will need to do some simple calculations. It comes down to a few variables. Battery life can be calculated by the input current rating and the load current per the circuit. Your battery life will be higher when the load current is less. But still with calculating MAH into hours with vaping devices is difficult. There are the variables of amount of use, amperage, coil resistance and the device itself.


Don’t over complicate this. You will want a higher “MAH” vaping battery as this will ensure your device does not die all day. But remember a 800Mah battery may last you as long as someone with a 2500MAH battery. It depends on a few variables. We get more into this below.

Differences between internal and external.

We get a lot of questions everyday on the differences between internal and external. Although operating is completely different, the are pretty much the same. Example; an external batteries normally are offered in 18650MAH, however there are devices that can hold 2, 3 4 and even more 18650Mah Batteries. These types of vaping devices are more geared for the vaping enthusiast or the advanced vaper that like a lot of vapor and utilizes a lot of battery life, hence the need for so many batteries. The external batteries also are charged differently than the internals. Internal Batteries charge the exact same why your phone charges. Most devices use the same micro USB that are used for practically all phones except apple phones. Whereas the external 18650 batteries need an external charger such as the Nicore charger. Internal batteries are a lot more simplistic to use and easier to maintain, but again, it’s all about preference. There is no 1 better than the other. It all comes down to what works for you. Internal battery vaping devices are become much more popular due to their simplicity, however, the external devices are still highly popular. Make sure that you purchase what is right for you in order to stay off the traditional cigarettes and experience a hassle free vaping experience.


When it comes to charging your vape battery, it is important to be consistent! I know you have heard this many times with different electronics you own and it is NO different with vaping batteries. It is important to charge your battery every night. If your device doesn’t last all day, do not wait until it turns off to charge it. If you do not take care of your battery it will not take care of you, and with vaping devices, well, taking care of you is the whole point. So make sure to use best charging practices. Tip; Plug in your vaping charger right next to you phone charger. This way if your device is not plugged in along side your phone, it will remind you to do so.  


In the ever evolving world of technology we live in today, batteries are powering almost everything. You should not over complicate the topic when it comes to vaping as it is similar to most tech devices you have owned for years now. Apply the knowledge you already know, with some good research and references such as we provided and you will have a successful, pleasurable vaping experience.

Have more questions? Reach out, we encourage you to!