Vape tricks and tips


For anyone who is having troubles with their vape devices, here are some Vape Trick and tips to lead you to an enjoyable vaping experience! None of us started off as an expert vaper and we have all run into issues with our device that’s left us scratching our heads. Vapor products have come a long way in a short period of time, but we can assure you that after years of industry leadership we have seen and dealt with it all. Let us help you stay up to date with the all the latest and all the basics just the same. Below are a few common, yet basic vape related issues you may have experienced and Vape tricks and tips and to avoid them, or even fix the issue quite simply. We hope this information helps you stay at the top of your vape game, but more importantly, OFF the cigs! 


Vape tricks and tips for Tank issues


Vape tanks are designed and built to not leak ejuice. If your tank is leaking eliquids then it is important that you know how to troubleshoot the basics. It may be something as a simple adjustment for proper performance or a manufactures defect, but in any event, you need to know what to do If you find yourself having any issues and simple Vape tricks and tips for success.

As mentioned, Vape tanks are designed specifically NOT to leak, as their main job is to do just the opposite as it is a reservoir for your eliquid. With that being said, there are few factors and conditions that will most often cause your tank to constantly leak and perform poorly. Keep reading for Vape tricks and tips.

Many people may believe a leaky vape tank is just a con that comes with all the pros of vaping, when in fact , there is a perfectly good explanation for why this may be occurring. Here are a few simple Vape tricks and tips to avoid an annoying leaky vape tank.



Vape tank exposed to too much heat


If you leave your Vape tank somewhere like in a cup holder while you grocery shop, or in your car’s glove compartment, You have to consider the temperature that the tank is being exposed to. If it is 80 degrees outside, just think of how hot it will be in your car while no AC is running. It is simply too hot of an environment, physics steps in and starts to play a part in the performance of your device. With so much heat, your glass will try to expand as well as push any air in the chamber or coil up to the top, forcing juice downward and in turn, out of the airflow chambers. If you are using your device in a hot area,( let’s say at the beach) and it is heating up in the sun combined with the heat used while using your device, then this issue will continue to occur until the tank is able to cool down.  Much like a Smartphone that will shut off in the heat, as you can see, vape devices demand the same care.

Vape tricks and tips ;

Do not leave your Vape device in your car especially on a hot day!
Never leave your vape in direct sunlight.

The vaping world is very new, hence there is a lot of trial and error occurring. We know that many tips and Vaping tricks we provide are common sense, but you first need to know what is the cause of malfunctions that inherently cause you unwanted and unpleasant issues.

Improper seating of the coil will also cause your tank to leak

When you are ready to change your expired coil for a new coil but mistakenly do not properly seat the coil into the base of the tank,  you can be sure your tank will leak. Be sure to always take the time to make sure your coil is threaded properly.  It is much like any threading that you are most likely familiar with. If you do not screw your light bulb in properly, then it will not light, same concept here. If you do not properly screw your coil down, you will experience unwanted leaking of your vape tank.

Vape Tricks and tips;

Make sure your tank is not improperly seated by way of not tightening all of the way, a crookedly srewed in coils, not screwed all the way. This are basic but essential to at minimum understand.


Damaged or misplaced O-rings will cause your tank to leak!


Damaged O-rings and seals can also cause major leaking problems. Always be sure that when you are filling your tank or changing your coil, all of the seals inside your device stay in place. When you purchase your tank, it will almost always come with a bag of extra seals to replace the originals. If you find that a seal in your tank seems to have been compromised or is faulty, always replace it with a new one immediately. This is a simple process that will save you money (Not purchasing a new vape tank) and frustrations (a leaky tank).

Vape Tricks and tips ; when you first purchase your tank, we recommend you always read your user manual as well as take your tank apart and reassemble the pieces so you can familiarize yourself with all pieces and parts. Or stop by a Premier Vapor® near you and ask our friendly staff for any advice you may need!

More common coil issues


If you you notice your device is not firing, Vaping tricks and Tips below that will help you get back up and running or at minimum determine if it is user error, a simple fix or a manufacture defect.

Improper seating:  If your coil is not properly seated in the base of the tank and is not screwed down all the way to your device, it will not make a full connection to your mods connection point. This is the same concept as any battery type not making a positive and negative connection. If you do not perform this step properly, the device will be unable to read the coil and send an automatic “check atomizer” message across the screen. This small mishap can also cause seriously leaking as discussed. This is a common, yet an often easy to fix issue.

Non compatibility: There are so many different coil type and variances, this is why it is important to make sure that you purchase the correct coil for your vaping device.

Example; You purchase a device that can fire up to 80 watts of power, but you vape at 40Watts and have never vaped or desire to vape higher. You purchase a coil that is a lower resistance level then you normally purchase, you believe that the coil must be the correct one because it is from the same brand, Wrong! Like stated, there are so many coil variances per tank, this is to allow user flexibility in their preferred vaping. As such, although the coil can work in your device, it will only fire at lets say 60 watts due to the lower OHM coil (Lower resistance) you purchased, but you don’t know this so you are just getting an error message “No atomizer” etc. This is because at the wattage that you are trying to vape the device and coil are NOT compatible. It is imperative that you purchase the correct brand, Model and OHM (resistance level) that is compatible with what wattage and tank you use.  

Another example; You purchase a kit that comes with a 40watt battery and a tank that maxes out at 40watts. After a few months you decide to upgrade to a more powerful device which you set at a minimum of 60watts. If you do not get your coil to wattage ratio correct, your new device will be unable to read the coil that you were using. You will have to get a lower ohm coil, or a coil that can handle a higher power so that you can enjoy your new device. This does not necessarily mean that you have to purchase a new tank, first check to see if your current vape tank as the lower resistance coils needed to fire your higher powered device. Most tanks come with a multitude of coil options for this very reason. Don’t get frustrated, let’s troubleshoot first and get it right. If and when you experience these possible common user error issues, you will be able to fix them immediately using these Vaping tricks and tips for success.

It is also noteworthy to mention when purchasing a new tank, it usually comes with 2 coils that range in ohms (resistance). One will fire at lower wattage range, and the other generally at a higher range. These variants are available so that you have a choice of what power you want to run your device and for compatibility. If you are using the wrong coil ie; the lower ohm coil with higher power, then you will burn your coil. Or just the opposite if you use the higher wattage coil with less power, you will have a flooded coil, a leaky tank or it simply will not fire.

Almost all coils have the resistance (ohms) etched on the side of the coil as well as the wattage range and coil resistance range. It is important that you are aware of what wattage you prefer to use and what coils seem to work best for you so when you are shopping for your next coil, you can be sure you are purchasing the right one! You can always refer to our Wattage tips page for guidance.

Vape tricks and tips Always make sure you check before you even purchase. Do not take anyone’s word for it, just double check so you know that you are getting what you need. Not having a functional coil is much like not have a lighter to light those old cigarettes. If you are purchasing online, do not compromise on a different coil, always purchase what works and you will not have issues.

Expired coil: An expired coil will change in resistance over the course of its life cycle.. If your device is not performing as well or if it is not giving you the pure vape flavor that you were originally experiencing or less vapor production, It is time to change your coil out for a new one. It is important to understand that the coil is the core of the entire device. It is the lighter to your Ex-cigarette, so be sure to change it as the first sign of expiration.

Vape Trick and tips for choosing a coil: The easiest way to determine what end of the spectrum you are on is to recognize what “type” of performance you like out of your tank. If you enjoy a warmer vape with more vapor production, then you are on the lower end of this spectrum. A cooler more smooth vape will be on the higher end of the spectrum. If you enjoy the coil that came with your tank, we would suggest bringing that with you to your local Premier Vapor® or use it as a reference for the next time you purchase a coil to ensure you are getting the same one. We discuss a lot more on choosing coils and other variables on our Coil tips page.


My Vape device won’t turn on


Your device suddenly is not turning on or not firing when you press that fire button which in turn can send you straight into panic mode! There are a few very common reasons this could happen and we have listed them below to help you troubleshoot any of these unfamiliar occurrences.

Fully Charged But No Power?

This tip is very simple and generally applies to a healthy portion of the internal battery devices on the market today. Most mods today have much more advanced internal technology than the industry had 5+ years ago.  Which is great news, as long as we are informed! One of the perks of the innovation in this industry is safe charging.  Many devices now have smart chargers built into them that will prevent too much power be pushed through the device. Reason for this is to cut off the charge once it has reached 100% or fully charged. Many of these devices will also shut off to protect itself and to preserve the power it has. So you wake up in the morning and go to use your device and….nothing!  Dont worry! It’s just your device taking care of itself!! Depending on the company who makes your specific device, most often all that needs to be done to power up is to click your firing button a series of either 3 or 5 times depending on the maker and walaa, your device is powered and ready to be vaped!

Vape tricks and tips Always make sure you check before you even purchase. Do not take anyone’s word for it, just double check so you know that you are getting what you need. Not having a functional coil is much like not have a lighter to light those old cigarettes. If you are purchasing online, do not compromise on a different coil, always purchase what works and you will not have issues. If you use this sequence inaccurately it can have 0 effect and if you are impatient and click too many times you can end up “lost” in the menu options (also accessible through a series of clicks of the firing button). If this occurs, simply stop pushing buttons. Within 5-7 seconds your device will go back to the original settings, then repeat the above step.


My Device is Locked?


“Locking a device” is a way of manually locking the settings on your Vape device so they cannot be changed. More often than not errors occur when the user accidentally changes the wattage but instead locks the device. So what do you do if you lock your device?

Vape tricks and tips; similar to the last it is simply a sequence of your arrow keys being held down at the same time. This is a great feature, but if you are unfamiliar with your devices variety of options, it can easily be seen as a bad one. If and when this occurs stay calm, you are only a couple of clicks away from vaping. Always ask questions and read up on your device during and after your purchase as each device has similar, but different settings and functions!


Something is different??


So you have the same coil, the same juice flavor, you have the same device, but you are experience a change in the vapor production, the flavor, the heat (maybe cooler or hotter). This is usually very simple fix and just a combination of buttons that were pressed accidentally and without you knowing. This is usually due to the device (if applicable) changing from wattage to temp control or visa versa. If you vape on wattage setting, you need a coil that is made for wattage. If you prefer temp control, you need temp control coils. Many believe that a coil should work for all settings, this is incorrect.

Vape tricks and Tips Always make sure you check before you even purchase. Do not take anyone’s word for it, just double check so you know that you are getting what you need. Not having a functional coil is much like not have a lighter to light those old cigarettes. If you are purchasing online, do not compromise on a different coil, always purchase what works and you will not have issues. – Simply check your device’s screen to ensure that you are vaping on Watts if that is what you normally vape, or if by accident, the modes changes. In the event this occurs, all you need to do is revert back to the original setting that you normally vape. This will most likely end this issue and your vaping experience will return to normal. Depending on how long you vaped on the wrong mode, your coil may be shot and needs changing. You will know if this is the case.  


These are just some of the basics on vaping issue you may be experiencing and Vape tricks and tips we have outlines. As I am sure you have noticed,  coils are mentioned a lot on this common issues page, that is because the coil, although smallest, is the core of it all. Please don’t think otherwise or you will be dealing with issues time and time again. For more information on Vape tricks, common errors or just basic information on anything vape, browse our website for more on vape tricks or visit our vaping Q&A’s page.  

Premier vapor® staff help people like you every day with these new learning curves.. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the most helpful tips & tricks that you may need while learning your new device. It is always important that you research your product and always read the instructional pamphlets that come with your device to inform yourself of the more basic knowledge. And if you can’t find it there, you can ALWAYS find it here with Premier Vapor®.