Vape tanks

Upon deciding what Vape tank is right for you, you will need to learn about and consider these factors if you truly want to kick the habit;

  1. How do you properly fill your Vape tanks
  2. How do you change your coil
  3. When will you be required to change your coil
  4. What is the Best wattage for the coil you are using
  5. What is the best Ohm/resistance option for you
  6. Properly priming your coil

Let’s cover some of those important questions now;

Filing your Vape tanks;

Vape tanks are very universal in style and are becoming easier and easier to use. Simply unscrew the top cap, As your instruction manual will explain, there are several different ways to fill the verity of Vape tanks on the market. Depending on the style, you will fill it from the top, bottom, or down slots through the inside of the Vape tank (avoiding the vapor chamber)  This is normally very easy to determine. Double check the top cap has been secured all the way. If this step is ignored, an over saturated coil can and most likely will be the result which will prove to be an unpleasant experience as the E-Liquid will travel up through the vapor channel and eventually into your mouth. 


Follow the instructions, be patient and you will never have an issue. You will learn to fill your Vape tanks without spilling a drop, you will learn how to fill it fast with no spit back and NO leakage.


Priming your coil

When priming your coil that come with your Vape tanks , allow some capacity for air release as the coil becomes saturated by e-liquid. You can either drip several small drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil prior to installation, or upon filling your tank, close the airflow chambers to create a vacuum pressure allowing saturation of the coil. Please do not use the firing switch, this will burn your coil immediately as the cotton is dry. This will result in a burnt coil which cannot be reversed and will need replacing. It is important to allow 10-20 minutes for full saturations of the coil. You can accelerate the overall time it takes to properly prime a coil by taking dry hits (Do not hold the firing button) which causes an air vacuum effect and pulls the juice into the coil, thus saturating it thoroughly and quicker. Once the coil is fully primed properly, you can then enjoy your favorite E-liquid as it was intended to be enjoyed.


Take a few minutes before you are ready to change your coil and vape until you satisfy your craving. Once you have, start the priming process. This will give you the patience to wait until the coil is completely primed. It is critical that you prime your coil properly, it is almost the single most important component to your vape device. Treat Your coil well and it will last long and treat you well!


Preventing flooding of your coil

Please be mindful that it is possible to “flood” your coil and believe that it is a bigger problem then it really is. How you can tell if the tank is flooded is simple. You will hear a gurgling sound, Eliquid will come up through the channel, you will experience overall less performance and vapor production. This occurs when you have saturated the coil too much. Often this is easy to fix. Once you are experiencing flooding, hold your Vape tank and device at arm’s length away from you. Hold the firing button for 2 seconds and release. Do this a few times and then attempt to inhale normally. You should notice that the flooding has been rectified, or you may have to repeat the steps a couple more times. It is important to not hold the firing button down for too long, if you do, you will go from a flooded coil to a burned coil, neither outcome is favorable.  You can also try blowing down the vapor chamber as to force all vapor off immediately and give the coil a chance to catch up. if you follow these short, yet simple instructions, we promise you will not have to endure this unpleasant experience. If you continue to experience a “Flooded coil” it may be a result of something other then you not priming properly. Additional common reasons for flooding are Power to resistance ratio’s in which case its advisable to stop into a local vape store to obtain advise. But just so you understand, Power to resistance ratios issue are simple to fix, often you will simply have to increase your wattage, voltage or Temperature. If this issue continues to persist, bring it in to your local Vape Shop. 


Don’t rush! If you experience flooding do not immediately jump to conclusion that your vape tank or device is broken. Simply perform these troubleshooting tips and fix the issue. If you get anxious and do not perform the “Priming process” properly, you will permanently burn your coil, experience flooding and your Vape tank will leak. You will still have the ability to vape, however, consequently you will forever have a bit of a burnt like taste, unpleasant spit back and an overall bad vaping experience until you change coil. So please, for your sake, prime the coil properly. This process only takes a few minutes if done properly you won’t have to do it again for some time. 

Another important factor when filling your Vape tank with E-juice is to not change flavors while using the same coil. This will result in a strange mixture of flavors that can cause an unpleasant taste or mute each other out all together.. Some vapor users like to mix flavors, but it is our strong recommendation that you do not until you no longer have cravings for cigarettes and know exactly what levels of PG, VG, flavors and wattage you prefer. Please visit our Vapor Vs Tobacco page for more information regarding E-Liquid variables to consider.


Coils lifespan

Getting ready to switch out that old coil? First time setting up your device and Vape tank? Then you will probably want to know how long and how to tell when the current installed coil is no longer usable for your tank. A few tell tale signs exist and are not hard to identify when the coils lifespan has expired. Please see a few signs that you will notice;

  1. A Burnt taste will accompany the flavor
  2. A lack of vapor production will occur.
  3. You will be able to see a dark “build up” on your coil
  4. E-liquid changes color

The lifespan of every coil is different not only due to the variety of coils, but how much power the user desires and how often the users vapes. A single coil can last as long as 2-3 weeks, whereby the same coil may only last a another user 3-7days. This is all dependant upon how high of a wattage or what Temp Control settings you are using, how long of a draw/drag you take and how often you vape throughout the day and another strong factor is the quality of JUICE  you’re using Due to the vast variety of Vape tanks / atomizers on the market, you will quickly identify is for you or not. It is important for the beginner, intermediate and even the advanced user to understand how different each tank and device can be and understanding that there are plenty of options that will satisfy you overall. The goal is for you to successfully make the switch and not revert back to smoking, but also to enjoy the experience while staying away from the analogs.  


Wattage selection per Ohm Coil

The first step you will want to take once you have purchased any tank is to identify what coil range for wattage is recommended by the manufacturer. The Range will be stamped on the side of the coil for your convenience. As stated above, it is paramount that you are staying within the recommended range per that Ohm (resistance) coil. It is important to get this right  in order to allow the tank to perform at the most optimum level. We recommend that you start with a low wattage and work your way higher within the specified coil range recommendation depicted. This will allow you to easily determine what your desired wattage will be.

If you find yourself wanting more power or less, simply adjust the power output closer to the max wattage the coil can handle and if it is still not enough for you, simply purchase a different coil option that is designed for that desired sensation. There are many different coil options for almost all Vape tanks that change your overall experience and may take some experimenting. However, you can easily identify which Vape tanks are made for what. Some tanks are specifically made for larger vapor production and power and some are for less vapor, a tighter inhale and a harsher hit that you may desire. Determining your desired wattage and Ohm will be a bit of trial and error but with our tips for success and high quality products used you will find what is right for you quickly. With the vast selection your perfect vape is just a vape away!

Please visit Battery tips page for more information on settings that will aid you to an enjoyable vaping experience!