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Premier Vapor & Lounge® Has a turn key vape store franchise opportunity waiting just for you! We provide all upfront and ongoing inventory and much more! 

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Earn Substantial profits, be your own boss, control your future and change lives in the BOOMING vaping industry with a Premier Vapor & Lounge vape store franchise today!

The Market

The vaping market is a 7 billion-dollar industry and growing exponentially and is expected to surpass traditional cigarette sales by 2021 The time is now and the vape store franchise opportunity is Premier! Become a part of the Premier Vapor family and join the e-cig/vape revolution with an industry leader!

The Industry

Owning a Premier Vapor & Lounge retail store provides you an Opportunity to partner with an industry leader in the rapidly growing E-Cigarette industry, which has experienced an explosive growth since its inception. The e-cig/Vape industry has grown from $250 million annual revenue in 2012 to nearly $7 billion in annual revenue today. This level of growth is normally unheard of in the retail sector and all analytics show this growth to be just the beginning.

What we stand for and why it can only work as a Premier Vapor & Lounge franchise owner

We go the extra mile, we take the extra step, we take the harder road to satisfy our customers. This leads to brand loyalty and trust! With providing the latest and highest quality products that satisfy all diversity of consumer demand, your customers will return time and time again. It’s a win-win relationship; from us to you and then passed on to the most important dynamic in the equation, our customers!

  • Brand Consulting 100%
  • Marketing Campaigns 100%
  • Product Training 100%
Counter view of a Premier Vapor Franchise
Premier Vapor & Lounge interior front
Premier Vapor & Lounge Tasting Bar
Franchise vapor store
Why Premier Vapor & Lounge?

Premier Vapor & Lounge has been at the forefront of this industry from the beginning of its explosive growth. We have deep-rooted relationships with top manufacturers worldwide with exclusive distribution agreements, allowing us to provide the best E-liquids and latest products the market has to offer. This allows you to have a massive edge over the competition. You will also have exclusive distribution rights to our proprietary Premium E-liquid line that is in high demand! You will gain from the proprietary product exclusivity, protected territory, on-going inventory, marketing materials and many additional benefits that will result in HIGH profits and success! We have already paved the way, built the brand and created a concept that thrives. By joining a team and a reputable brand with a huge following from surrounding markets you will prosper straight out of the gate!

Best Products!

Premier Vapor & Lounge supplies only the best products the market has to offer to our franchise owners, with diversity ranging from the beginner looking to make the transition, to the advanced vapor hobbyist that is looking for the latest technology available on the market, we have all facets covered! We have a strict policy when it comes down to what we supply to our franchise owners and customers, and it is simple, if its not the best, then we do not carry or produce it!! We are fanatical and relentless in our quality control! If it does not pass our quality control standards then it does not hit our shelves. we supply our franchise owners with all initial and ongoing high end inventory that passes our quality control! This creates brand loyalty, trust, repeat business and most importantly customer satisfaction!

Best E-Liquids

At Premier Vapor & Lounge We only believe in providing the safest E-liquid lines on the market, including our own premium brand. All E-liquids we supply come from ISO certified labs, sealed with childproof safety caps or we do not carry it! We believe in Premium, not only because of the better flavors and complexity of flavors that premium E-liquids provide, but more importantly because it is safe and we believe in ONLY the highest of quality control and standards for our customers. This generates respect from the consumer and repeat business for you!!

Best Support!

Our passion for this industry is second to none. Your success is our success. We have created and refined systems that not only work for you but your customers, which inherently ensures nothing but success! We don’t believe in the wrong time, our support lines are open around the clock for our franchise owners!

Best Media Management

You will immediately benefit from all the social channels having already been established and managed by Corporate. Premier Vapor® social channels have thousands of followers and growing daily. With an established following, brand loyalty and trust through these vital and essential social media marketing avenues, we thrive and grow. This benefit allows you to focus on what’s important, your customers and business growth. Let us work hard to continue what we do and continue to grow on our social media existence. We work relentlessly to steer customer’s right to your store!

Best Training

From Premier Vapor & Lounge inception we have the same group of professionals that are focused on the same goal, success and customer satisfaction! With our dedicated staff, to our stores design layout, you will quickly become part of a team that you can consider your friends and partners! You will be trained by professionals that have been in this industry and with Premier Vapor® for years. Our trainers are relentless in ensuring you and/or your managers are fully trained and ready before opening!

Best Brand

Our name, Premier Vapor, is not just a name, it is everything we stand for! By joining our team and being a part of our brand you will have instant loyalty and trust from your customers! Who we are and what we stand for is unmatched!!! We believe in bringing the consumer exactly what they want and each and every time we deliver on that goal!

Unique competitive advantage

Premier Vapor offers a differentiating factor which includes a relaxing store design that combines a lounge and a retail store for customers to shop, hang out and experiment with the latest vape products and flavors. Our custom self-service tasting bar allows for store employees to manage increased customer volume with ease and allows for lowered operational costs.

Our corporate office providing nothing but fanatical franchise support!

Click on an image to view a slideshow of the inside of Premier Vapor & Lounge® Locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a vape store franchise? Franchising offers an entrepreneur a lowered risk factor to owning a business, making him the beneficiary of the synergies that our franchise system offers, that is, to be part of a regional, national or worldwide network aiming for the same goal, success and high earnings. Statistics from the International Franchise Association (IFA) demonstrate that in a period of five years only 5% of the independently-owned businesses survived, while in the case of franchises this percentage is 95%. For this reason, franchises are considered to be an investment form that help minimize the risk of entry. We have years of experience in a new and booming industry and a concept that not only works, but thrives.

How long should I expect before I open my first franchise?
With our fanatical support and relentless drive, we as a team will facilitate you to that goal in as little as 30-60 days! Get in touch!
Do we offer exclusivity?
Absolutely! The last thing we want is for you to be competing with us because as a Premier Vapor & Lounge franchise owner you a part of us!!
Do I have to have experience?

NO! With our knowledgeable staff, step-by-step manual, on-site training, around the clock support, easy-guided concept and all back office strategies you will become an expert in this industry with our continued support in no time! Once you become a part of the Premier Vapor & Lounge family, you are now considered our partners and friends and have our 100% dedicated support at all times.

Summary of benefits include:


  • Constant introduction of new and innovative products before the competition.
  • Huge following from surrounding markets
  • Wide Product diversity to meet all consumer demand
  • Onsite training and around the clock support
  • Loyal customer base
  • Superior marketing staff that provides on-going national and local support
  • Step‐by-step operations manual
  • Growing chain results in your stores higher bottom line value
  • Below market royalty fees and term
  • Product exclusivity and protected area
  • Established brand and systems to profit immediately
  • In business for yourself not by yourself
  • Internet sales from your area
  • Massive purchasing power
  • Absentee owners allowed
  • Multi unit agreements available

10 Reasons why Premier Vapor & Lounge is the best franchise business opportunity to take a serious look at:


  • Extremely High margins with low overhead in an exciting BOOMING industry
  • The E-Cig industry is expected to grow 74% annually
  • Turn-key opportunity
  • Recession proof industry
  • Minimal investment risk
  • Prior experience not required
  • Complete store set-up with a classy modern layout and design
  • Best in class franchisee support, including initial and ongoing inventory
  • All initial and ongoing marketing material provided
  • Website and social media platforms created

Investment Requirement: 85k – 120k



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No franchises can be sold in the Registration States, by or on behalf of Premier Vapor, until the offering has been registered and declared effective and the appropriate Registration State Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered before the sale and in compliance with the franchise laws of the respective Registration States.”