Vape inhalation, Nicotine delivery, and Overall effectiveness


Considering you found us we can assume that you may be thinking about making the switch or just want to learn more about vape in general. In any event, we are sure you have several questions and Premier Vapor® has the answers!! What we have found over the past 5 years of operating, people are apprehensive, skeptical and even shy the first time visiting a Vape Store. We have found that many are unaware of the basics of vaping  and are wary of the vast variety of options on the market. We have learned that the vast selection and options to be intimidating for most rather than encouraging, trust us, we understand. We are here to inform you on the basics and principles of making the switch, to give you the necessary information to get it right and make the transition successful and even enjoyable.

Let’s start with the most important variable and the reason why e cigs and vapor products even exist. The culprit, nicotine, but is this the deadly variable? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Nicotine is the main ingredient for both analogs and electronic cigarettes. Skeptics would say that they are the same, however common sense and a little research would prove to the contrary. The significant difference is how the nicotine is being delivered. Scientist and doctors say “People smoke for the nicotine, but die from the tar. The delivery system for traditional cigarettes is smoke, obviously due to combustion. But what is important here is what adverse affects the smoke has and what the smoke is actually delivering. It is no secrete in the modern day that tar is produced by combustion and is a killer. We know unequivocally that Cigarettes contain hundreds of chemicals, even rat poisoning. Due to the social acceptance of cigarettes when they emerged, i do not think people were voluntarily inhaling rat poisoning amongst hundreds of other deadly chemicals and tar. The truth is, when cigarettes exploded on the market there was little known about them and not many questions or answers were being given at that time. We live in a different age now where almost everything is transparent and questions and accuracy to the answers are going to be weighed!  

So what is the difference between the nicotine delivery system, Vape inhalation, from ecigs to traditional cigarettes? There is a profound difference and due to the modern day and all of the technological advances, we have a lot of the answers. The delivery system for vapor products is Vape inhalation, the vapor is produced from the E-Liquid that you use in a vaping device which heats the E-liquid and delivers your nicotine. E-Liquid contains 4 main ingredients; PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), Flavoring and Nicotine (E-Liquids are also sold with Zero Nicotine). It is hard to even conceive that the nicotine delivery system from a vapor device contains hundreds less ingredients/chemicals, yet you are still delivering the same amount of nicotine. It is truly hard to consider that to be fact, but it is. And remember, we smoke for the nicotine and die from the tar. Well here is some good news, no tar is produced when inhaling vapor. Further, you should also note, it is not water vapor that you are inhaling either. E-liquids were carefully created and have been around for a lot longer then you may think.

So now you know a little about how nicotine is delivered via a vaping device. You now know the differences between smoke inhalation and vapor inhalation, so now we can talk about where you would even even begin. Again, with so many variables and with these devices being so new, many people are skeptical and that is why we are trying to simplify things for you. E-Liquids come in many different strengths, flavors, density and the device you use will play a large role in how the nicotine is delivered. It is vital for you to get all of the variables right for you personally in order to successfully transition. Below is a chart that compares E-liquid strengths to traditional cigarettes. There are a lot more questions that you may have, and we would be happy to answer, however it is important for you to understand the basics first.

To break it down as simple as possible so you have a familiar basis to start from, we are comparing traditional nicotine strengths and how much they contain and more importantly deliver. A single cigarette will deliver approximately 1-2 mg of nicotine. All cigarette brands have different potencies and strengths, but typically contain anywhere from 5mg to 20mg of Nicotine per cigarette. However what is important to understand here is that much of this is burnt off during the combustion process of smoking. So comparing the 5- 20 MG of nicotine would not be accurate and would otherwise cause even more confusion for the person looking for answers. We understand this and that is why we are providing you with simple, yet in depth information so that you can come to a conclusion and be informed on facts and not speculation or mere calculations that do not take into account the many variables to consider.  

E-Liquid strengths are much different. The most common levels are 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. Yes there are levels of in betweens that exist, but after years of trial and error, the consensus is the levels described above cover all strengths that different level smokers would need to kick the habit. It is important to not compare the above MG strengths of cigarettes to those of what is in a bottle of E-liquid as they are completely different in their formations.      

Below is a simple breakdown and a comparison of nicotine per cigarette to nicotine per e-liquid inhalation. This will help you determine what nicotine level may be most effective for you!

Simple Breakdown you can understand


  • 0mg – 6mg; Equivalency- Ultra ultra light Cigarette


  • 6mg – 12mg; Equivalency- Ultra light cigarette


  • 12mg – 18mg; Equivalency- Medium strength cigarette  


  • 18mg – 24mg; Equivalency- Full flavor, full strength cigarette

A further breakdown, suggestions and a starting point for you to reference.


  • 0mg – 6mg; Are generally for those who are very light social smokers, or smokers who have gradually reduced their nicotine intake via vaping products and have no desire or craving for cigarettes any longer.


  • 6mg – 12mg; Are generally for those who smoke a half a pack of medium to light cigarettes daily or those who have reduced from an 18MG and now are comfortable at a 12MG. 6MG is very low and we wouldn’t suggest this strength until there are no more cravings for Cigarettes.


  • 12mg – 18mg; Are generally for those who smoke between a half a pack of full strength cigarettes and are trying to kick the habit. Or for those who enjoy vaping for the nicotine and not the tar but more importantly are satisfying their craving without the smoke.


  • 18mg – 24mg; Are generally for those who smoke a full pack and up of full strength cigarettes. This level of Nicotine used is often short term and satisfies that overwhelming craving for traditional cigarettes. Most reduce to lower strengths within weeks.


The above information is a guideline so that you know what you should be shopping for in order to have a successful transition. Some may suggest, if you smoke a pack a day, you need 18mg. It truly varies tremendously on how you take to the vapor, sensitivity levels, the right flavor and PG/VG level and the device you use. Due to the delivery system for vaping products being Vape inhalation, you may need more vapor to satisfy your craving. Vapor does not stick to the lungs whereas containing TAR does in traditional cigarettes. Once you start experimenting and with help from professionals and trusted brands, you will nail it and can ditch the bad habit for good. But please keep in mind a few things. Example; An older, less active middle aged person who has been smoking Kool’s for over 20 years may not be able to handle the strength of 18MG-24MG of E-Liquid to start, his body may need to go lower in nic strength and then higher to get adjusted properly, then he can begin to reduce intake. Another example may be the 25 year old who smokes a pack of marlboro lights a day, but also stays active and may only need a 6MG-12MG strength. It will be part of your journey to learn what suits you best and we are here to facilitate in every facet of your journey! We promise that it is not as complicated as it may sound, Premier has you covered.

Once a nicotine strength is determined, It will be time to choose a device. This will be the main performer in regards to how much vapor you are receiving during your “draw” from your e-cigarette. Again, this will be more of a personal choice once you get a general sense of how the devices work. Here is a simple breakdown.

Regardless of what results you are looking for, whether it is for more vapor or more nicotine, there is a vast vast selections and combinations that can and will aid you to a smoke free lifestyle. Your biggest opponent on this journey is you. Take advantage of the technology that has provided us a simpler approach to a smoke free life.

Still have questions?

We encourage you to reach out by phone, email, social channels, in person etc. You can also visit our “how devices work” page for more details.