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How the Technology Boom is affecting all Industries especially the Vapor Technology

If someone told you just 10 years ago that you would have the option to smoke an
electronic cigarette or hold a device (smart phone) that has more technology then what we used
to put the first man on the moon, you would have said that’s ludacris. Think about if someone
told you a decade ago that cars will drive themselves, you would have probably went off and
told your friends and family about some looney you just met talking about flying cars, LOL. But
as it turns out, it is all true and is just the beginning of a very real reality that we live in today.
The speed in which this worlds tech is evolving is truly amazing. Just think of where we are in
the video gaming industry or just general entertainment with the introduction of the VR. Virtual
Reality or commonly known as VR is a way to transport your mind to any area or walk of life.
You immerse yourself in almost full sensory deprivation to fully make it feel like you are 1000’s
of miles away in an altered reality and we are only at the infancy stage in this realm. According
to author Ray Kurzweil the technology advancements by the end of this 21st century will be like
20,000 years of progress at the current rate today. The impact of this will revolutionize many
industries across the world and indefinitely none more than the vapor industry.

Technology has even played a significant role in health materials now turned tech.
Consider E Cigs, again if someone told you 10 years ago that cigarettes would be smoked out
of a tech device that can even display time, play music ect. They would have really thought you
were losing it. Yet again this is the reality that we find ourselves in now. There have been great
leaps and bounds in the vapor technology in the past decade. This industry has gone from
cigarette shaped and sized products to vapor devices with the ability to store music and photos.
Not only can you now display images and songs on these advanced and ever changing devices
but you can choose between an unlimited amount of colors, shapes, sizes and even ergometry
for full customization. Thus making the only logical place for this industry and others to go is
further down the technology rabbit hole.

When we look at the evolution of a smartphone, VR and even vapor devices we have to
reflect on how it came to be but more importantly and intriguing, where will we be in the next 10
years? Flying Houses? Smartphones with personal intelligence or E cigs so sophisticated that
one drag will satisfy you for an entire day, who knows but I can speak on the Vapor Industry first
hand. It all came from small single unit vaporizers with no ability to add any additional or
different liquid, your proverbial one stop shop device. Now the consumer has a litany of choices
to pick from in both categories of what flavors they want to vape, the nicotine potency and the
physical device they are using. This endless customization is forever pushing this industry
forward with new constant introductions of evolving products hence adding the vapor industry to
the list of emerging and explosive tech industries.

Doctors are now operating with remote controlled micro robotic arms to increase in
recovery time and simply the safety of the over all operations. This crazy tech driven world even
has robotic hands and other appendages for amputees that can be controlled by your mind
through true integration of man and machine. Just think that in the not so distant future we could
be looking at social media notifications on our vaping devices or even snapping the best photo
to upload to the masses while enjoying your favorite E-Liquid flavor. The integration of
technology in all industries are changing lifestyles across the board. Just think about What
Premier vapor® is now offering on their shelves, a real vapor device that plays music, really?
Yes, check out what Joyetech has released recently, the Ocular C . This revolutionary device
gives you a glimpse of what is to come in this industry alone with its built in MP3 player and
picture display all located on a 1.78 inch high resolution screen, whether you are interested in
this device/industry, you have to admit it’s absolutely amazing. The monthly change out of
newest and greatest devices is a constant variable in the vape industry and is a driving force for
better tech in all facets of life. With all of the factors mentioned above and including the constant
infatuation with technology it is safe to say that vapor is here to stay. Not only will this industry
continue to evolve to unimaginable heights but so will everything else. From gaming,
smartphones, medical advancements, VR, computers and even industries that haven’t even
emerged yet, technology is just getting started. We should all be excited about what we will see,
experience and learn in the next new millennia …or should we?

Vape Industry

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  • Yes, I agree on what you said. Technology is bringing us to the next level of living .Because of technology we’ve been doing and discovering new things. We also prevent or control diseases or addiction, one of which is the vape.

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