Vape Industry vs E-Cig Industry

E Cig Industry Vs. Vapor Industry


After over a decade of being on the mainstream market, most people are somewhat familiar with the vapor industry. But, not all people can see the differentiation between the E-Cig industry and the vapor industry or are even aware there is one. In this article, we are going to differentiate the two by delving into the stark differences of the industries and what that means for the vapor industry and its future. The E-Cigarette. Also known as ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) E- Cigars, E-Hookahs or Vape Pens. These devices can be found at almost any convenience store or gas station in the country. The pros of the E-Cigarette appear to be the ease of it all, pre-packaged, pre-filled, pre-constructed with a variety of sizes. The simple in and out purchase of the product. This appears appealing to many consumers who are looking to quit smoking or simply start vaping and would like to find a discreet device to replace their analog cigarettes. They would choose a color or flavor that they might like and make the purchase of the product that is ready to be used straight out of the package. Sounds appealing right?


But here, is where the ease of it all may curtail, the end goal of the consumer on several levels and might not end up being as convenient as they originally thought. Convenience stores and gas stations are literally on every corner. They have dozens upon dozens of customers daily, and their product selection is typical and usually predictable. The cons of this concept, especially in this industry directly affect the consumer looking to make the switch. The employees at gas stations or convenience stores have no direct insight on these products. They cannot explain to the consumer in detail, the workings of the device or how to perform proper maintenance. Furthermore what to do if the device stops working properly, or how to go about replacing any accessories or necessary pieces of that device. Like most C-stores and gas stations they have cashiers, who ring customers up. They don’t have customer service associates who can help explain a product to them in full detail. Have you ever been in line behind a customer purchasing cigarettes who had to physically point out and describe their product to the cashier? Cigarettes have been around for literally hundreds of years, now imagine trying to purchase a product you are not familiar with from that same cashier. Seems difficult to establish that connection or be sure you are leaving with the correct product at all. Even worse, you may feel more comfortable caving in and just purchasing your typical analog cigarettes to skip the hassle altogether.


Another con of the E-cig industry is, like most gas stations, they are high traffic locations in which anyone of any age can safely shop. The chances of being carded for age verification is much slimmer than any other establishment. This leaves a wide open market for our underage youth to access these products. Most vapers, at one point in there life were smokers, and as a smoker there was once a time you had your first cigarette. The chances that you were of legal age when you had your first cigarette are slim to none.  Most snuck a cigarette from a parent or grabbed a pack from the carton on top of the fridge. Did you care about the length, shape, size, taste or smell of the cigarette? Probably not. Neither does our youth today. Today, as the last generation did, will go from gas station to gas station attempting to purchase these seemingly attractive modern “ new age” smoking devices regardless of flavor, shape and size. This is having a huge negative impact on our youth, as the percentage of ENDS users in youth has increased by a staggering 1.5 million since last year alone, our underage E-cig users are estimated to be at 3.6 million. So staggering, that the FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb has required strict changes at gas stations and C-stores immediately regarding the sale of these products. Most notable, no more fruit or candy flavored ENDS devices be sold at these locations. Also no E-Liquids aside from traditional Tobacco, Mint and menthol flavors be sold out of these locations.

This is considered to be an “epidemic” by the FDA. Commissioner Gottlieb states I will not allow a generation of children to become addicted to nicotine through e-cigarettes.” The director for the center of tobacco products state “If manufacturers are caught continuing to sell fruity and dessert-flavored products in non-age restricted locations, they’ll have to pull them and wait for the FDA to authorize them for sale. “If it’s really urgent they sell unicorn puke e-liquids, and if they want to sell a product like that, it better be an age restricted location,” Zeller says. “If it’s not, and if we see it, that product is going to have to come off the market.” This is where the E-Cigarette industry is today, and it is not a pretty place. In any event it is important for the broader public and consumers alike, to understand the differences between the two industries discussed in this article. If you have any questions as we will be discussing this topic more fully, specifically explaining the vapor industry and those differentiating factors. please comment.


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