Slow March To Death

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Slow March To Death – Cigarettes are an epidemic in our society and at this current pace will continue to be a leading contributor to millions of deaths. You would think that if there were a more efficient way to help the mass public kick the dirty habit of Cigarettes it would be promoted, right? Especially if this breakthrough replacement therapy had a decade of research backing it. It would be ludicrous to condemn it to be just as bad if not worse without any true facts to back that substantial claim up.

I am sure most of you know by now to what I am speaking of. I am talking about what future generations will consider one of the, if not the biggest medical achievement of the past, Vaping. I know that this is a radical outlook that I am proposing but if you think rationally you will see the merit in this stance. There is a reason as to why many doctors, foreign and domestic promote and advocate for the use of electronic cigarettes VS tobacco. When you compare simple ingredients by a quick glance you should be able to see a big difference. We are looking at one product (E-Liquid) that has four main ingredients and the other (Cigarettes) with over 400. Just by simple probability you should be able to determine that Vaping most likely is the healthier choice. Smoking is by far the largest form of preventable cancer.

But, I know that you crave hard facts as much as you might crave nicotine. So of those previously mentioned 400 plus ingredients, they can cause at least 14 types of cancer, states Cancer Research UK. Further research has proven that smoking causes damage to your DNA, including cancer fighting genes. Some of the chemicals within cigarettes that do damage to our DNA would be as follows Benzene, Polonium-210, Benzo(a)pyrene and nitrosamines. Then we add on top of that already troubling news with Chromium, a chemical that helps Benzo(a)pyrene stick more effectively to DNA. None of these DNA altering chemicals are found in E-Liquids especially not in ones found at Premier Vapor®. This is just a small glimpse of how bad cigarettes truly are to the human race.

Last but surely not least would be the Nicotine replacement therapy medicines that are to “help” you quit smoking. They very well just may help you put down the old cancer sticks for good, but that doesn’t come without a price. These patches, pills and gum’s have their own host of side effects often not a second thought to those who wish to banish cigarettes from their lives. You hear commercials for these products daily, but do you ever truly pay attention to just what they say? Here are a few of one of the most popular stop smoking pills side effects, nausea/vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, vivid/unusual dreams, trouble sleeping, problems breathing and rashes. That was just the “Common Side” effects, Serious Side effects include depression, thoughts of suicide, swelling of face/throat, life-threatening skin reactions, stroke/heart attack, sudden kidney failure, bleeding from stomach or intestines and blood disorders. Even with all of this being said these pills are less demonized then vaping.

This is the sad reality of the situation in which we find ourselves now. There is a lot of work being done to hold vaping back or stomp it out completely. I can assure that this will not be the case. In my opinion vaping is the best way to end the mass deaths caused by cigarettes and in the not so distant future this sentiment will be a much more vastly accepted stance. The tar alone in cigarettes should be enough to keep people on the right track of quitting. The process of combustion through cigarettes creates tar which sticks to your lungs creating that terrible black look to your naturally pink lungs. Keep clean and continue your good fight in putting this outdated and dangerous habit behind you! Take steps to educate yourself and visit Premier Vapor®!


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