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Make Money while you sleep
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What is an affiliate?

Simply put; an affiliate is an entrepreneur that seeks to sell goods and services from a company (Premier Vapor®) by way of digital referring, in which then earns a commission on every product sold.

How do I make money?

It’s simple! For every sale generated by you is tracked with your very own personal ID that only you can see on your dashboard. You will be paid a high commision on every sale you make without ever even having to house, ship or even touch a single item! It couldn’t be easier! Premier Vapor® offers industry HIGH commissions to our affiliates. For example; If you have a referral sent by you in which the referral purchase $100 dollars worth of merchandise, you would receive a percentage from that sale. Let’s, for example, say you are on a 30% commission rate, you would make a $30.00 commission on that sale without having to do a single thing at the point of sale and after! Now imagine dozens of the example sale occurring everyday? That is a a lot of money for never buying or even interacting with a product, right? Yes! Your commission amount is determined once you apply and can be as high as 50%! And don’t forget, the vapor industry is one of the fastest growing industry sectors, make money while you sleep with a Premier Affiliate program!

What products can I sell?

Premier Vapor® is a leader in the Vapor products industry. From Top of the line E-Liquid, to the most sought after Vape devices on the market, Premier has it all! This will allow for you to leverage our massive product catalogue as your very own and earn BIG! With thousands of products for you to choose to sell, or all of them, we do not think you will have any issue meeting a wide diversity of consumer demand!

How much money can I earn?

As previously mentioned, Premier Vapor® affiliate program is one of the most competitive affiliate programs across all industry sectors. We want you to succeed and grow fast! As such, we have a stellar system that determines your commission, we present that to you, and you then get started! You can earn up to 50% on each sale you make without lifting a finger! Join a Premier affiliate program today!

What are the start up costs?

Well, technically none! That is another reason an affiliate program may be perfect for you! We provide you with all of the tools that are needed to get “operational” and provide eye catching, high quality graphics for advertising such as, banners, digital ads, email campaigns and so much more! Join today and start earning while you sleep!!!

How long will it take me to get started?

Premier has championed the affiliate process. We have created such a streamlined process that you can literally be selling product and earning in less the 24 hours after applying!

Do I need a license?

No! Since every transaction processes through Premier Vapor®, we handle all the legal requirements for the selling of our products! Are you ready to start earning??

Why Premier Vapor®?

Premier Vapor® products are trusted, FDA compliant and of the highest quality on the market! With an average of 4.9 star rating across hundreds of platforms from real consumers who shop Premier vapor products, you can be confident and exited in knowing that you will have a more than satisfied customer every time, hence repeat business for you!