Determining Wattage for your vape device

 Wattage is the most common power selection but Temperature Control vaping is gaining popularity quickly. Depending on which coil, (YES coils play a large factor in what wattage you should be using) you’ve selected for your tank will dictate what wattage range should be used. For example; a Uwell Crown III tank with a 0.25ohm coil has a manufacturer’s recommendation of between 80-90 watts max power of wattage per that specific coil. It is critically important to follow these recommendations. Remember that it does not matter what device you are using, power is power, however, be mindful that some devices will have more or less power than others, even when reading the same wattage. Vape Devices have different internals that make them perform better, hence the reason for the differences in power. Each coil has recommendations of minimum and Maximum wattage. It is vitally important NOT to exceed the Maximum power. It is Equally important not to go below the recommended wattage as this will cause your atomizer to flood and consequently result in a bad vaping experience. Once you are familiar with your device you will determine where your perfect settings are in order to enjoy the most pleasurable vaping experience every time. It is important to understand the effects of higher and lower wattage variences. A lower wattage will produce a cooler vaping sensation, a higher wattage will produce a hotter vaping experience. It will be up to you to determine your preference. Premier Vapor® Brick and mortar locations allow you to “Try before you buy”. You have the opportunity to experiment with different levels of Voltage, wattage and even Temperature control. Get this right, it can mean the difference between kicking the analogs for good or reverting right back to smoking.


Considering we all have different needs when it comes to making the switch, you will need to experiment a little. But you need to do this with the basic knowledge that is provided here. We don’t want you to fail but there is a high probability you will if you are firing a 100 watts using a 50 watt recommended coil and visa versa. Make sure to read the coil, set your wattage at a half way point or lower, and start from there. You will immediately know when you have finally found your sweet spot in temperature, wattage or voltage. 



Temperature Control vaping

Most devices now offer Temperature control vaping as an option. This is due to the vast diversity of what consumers enjoy. Temperature control vaping , wattage and all additional options are all for optimum user experience. The multiple functions the device can perform may seem overwhelming or not necessary, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each option allows a completely different vaping experience. Example; you may have taken longer drags off of a cigarette and now that you are vaping you may want a hotter vapor sensation. This is accomplished by using the many options vaping devices offer. The most common temperature range vapers use is between 392-480 degrees.

Temperature control Coil options include titanium, nickel & stainless steel. First question that probably comes to mind is what coil option should you use? You will learn that this will depend on how much or little flavor and vapor is desired as the material of each coil selection is designed to change the flavor via heat. But again, the more heat being produced enriches the flavor, while less heat brings flavor to become more toned down. The most beneficial aspect of Temperature control vaping is the longevity of your coil and battery life. As stated, Most users tend to use Wattage as their preferred selection but temperature Control may be yours. Lets get it right and kick the habit for good!


For a hotter vaping experience, you will want a higher temperature. For a cooler Temperature control vaping experience you will want to lower your wattage. It is also important to note that the Temperature control vaping will most certainly change the flavor of your E-Liquid. Start out between the Most common Temperatures started above and begin to figure out what the best temp is for you! Visit our Vapor Vs Tobacco Page and learn about heat and why it is so important.

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