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We have been serving customers since 2013 and have the largest inventory of Premium FDA registered E-Liquid by a single manufacturer , but more importantly, none of the brands bear the marketing of cartoon characters, or the resemblance of food products. These products are intended for adults, and we’ve never wavered from our responsibility to market them as such! We are sure many of our retail friends have done all that is required as well, that is why we offer the ability for retail partners to have their brands manufactured by Premier if you so choose. However, our agenda is a lot larger than business as usual…


Our program is not simply a wholesaler to retailer partnership where the wholesaler is just interested in you pushing their E-Liquid or products! The Premier Vapor® RP program is all encompassing, a partnership opportunity that raises the bar and changes the playing field! Let’s work together and get it right! Premier’s perspective of the ejuice wholesale and competitor relationships are much different from traditional perspectives, you will find out why when you signup, lets unify and succeed!


It couldn’t be any easier to become part of our wholesale program. After you have been accepted as a verified wholesale customer (within hours), you will receive your wholesale credentials and can start to browse all of our wholesale products and prices. Our pricing is competitive regardless of order size, however, we offer very competitive prices based on order sizes. Join the Premier team today!

Premier Vapor®


Business Hours: 10a–6p Monday through Friday.


  • Guaranteed ExclusivityNo more selling the same brand from your competitor a mile a way, Premier Wholesale works entirely different than your traditional wholesaler to retailer relationship! You will receive a guaranteed territory!
  • NO MOQ's!We believe in what works best for you! We understand retail budgets, and the importance of balancing more then most. That is why, NO MOQ's and prices that fit your structure!
  • Unity that makes a differenceJoin a large group of retailers that know what's best for the industry! With Controlled MSRP and a partnership driven relationship, you will win everytime!
  • MSRP that workThe prices being set in the marketplace today simply do not work! Retailers are left scrambling to find a way to make it work, we have news, it wont! Premier Vapor® wholesale partnership ensures you are reaching those high margins you once enjoyed!
  • 100% FDA complianceNo Need to concern yourself with the possibility that brands from Premier will be pulled from the shelves due to non compliance of the grandfather date, or misleading of labels. All brands were on the market prior to August 8th, 2016 and further, do not illustrate cartoon characters or infringing food products.
  • Marketing efforts that work!Use our marketing channels with a reach of millions! Take a look at some of our platforms such as our “Star supplier” status on the world's largest Ecig Forum, our social media platforms, we are partnered with hundreds of news outlets and so much more that you will benefit from!
  • Convert if you choose! We have built locations in 11 states using our in house, remarkable construction team! If you want to join the Premier Chain, we invite you to do just that! It couldn't be easier, you say the words, and we will be there!
  • By retailers for retailers!Premier Vapor® has embodied the vape industry by injecting ourselves into all areas of the industry. From B&M locations, to large scale manufacturing, we have spearheaded all ends of the spectrum giving us analytics from every corner of the industry! Become a part and grow in unity!
  • An advocacy initiative for retailers!The FDA has made it clear, retailers are complicit and as B2C establishments, we have a duty to ensure public safety and responsible practices! We are NOT competitors, we share the same goal, long term success, stability and consumer trust! Most industries have retail associations, where is ours? You have just found it!
  • Manufacture with us!Have your brand(s) or a flavor manufactured in our FDA registered facility! No need to worry about long lead times or high MOQ’s, we know what you need, tap into our resources! Expect nothing short of ejuice wholesale manufacturing excellence
  • GET involved!Become part of the Board and have your voice make a difference! Ensure that Retail vapor shops are still viable to the consumer. Use our lawyers for guidance, unite as a team of one aiming for the same goal; Long term stability and control. Lets face it, there is no retail policing practices in our sector, that time is now, and that group is us!