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Premier Vapor’s Retail partnership program (RPP) is the first and only of its kind.


Take control of your margins with Premier Vapor’s® Retail Partnership Program. 

rppPremier Vapor’s Retail partnership program (RPP) is the first and only of its kind and was created with 3 considerations in mind; consumer satisfaction, retailer profitability and brand loyalty for long term success. We have dozens of top quality brands of E-liquid that were not founded on “hype”, they were created over a 4 year period to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of retail consumers. We currently own the largest inventory of premium flavors on the market and the latest and hottest Vape hardware on the market. Whether your customers are advanced vapers looking for the next best drip, or the 40 million existing smokers looking to make the switch, our Retail Partnership Program (RPP) has succeeded in providing this wide diversity of demands.

It couldn’t be any easier to become part of our wholesale program. After you have been accepted as a verified wholesale customer (within hours), you will receive your wholesale credentials and can start to browse all of our wholesale products and prices. Our pricing is competitive regardless of order size, however, we offer even better prices based on order sizes. Join the Premier team today!

*You  must have a valid TAX identification number to qualify for wholesale pricing*

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