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Premium E-Liquids seem to be a dime a dozen today. Every brand claims to be “premium” and sells at a price that goes along with the name. A nice box wrapped in cellophane, holographic imaging on the bottle or even a custom wax sealed marked with the initials of the brand! These may look like Premium E-Liquids, but we can’t judge a book by its cover and we can’t judge a juice by its bottle. This blog is to inform consumers on the true differentiation between Premium E-Liquids and just another line of E-Juice.


There are only a few small differences between TRUE Premium E-Liquids and standard bottom shelf E-Liquids. To start, one of the most important factors in verifying you are using safe and quality Premium E-Liquid is by ensuring it has come from a credible manufacturer. All companies that provide consumers with juice should hold high standards and quality when it comes to Premium E-Liquids as well as being compliant under the FDA regulations ( See Premier Vapors facility and quality garuntee here; // )

Another true aspect of a premium E-Liquid will be the ingredients. E-Liquid itself has very few components. VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and PG (Propylene Glycol). These ingredients make up about 75%-80% of the E-Liquid. These ingredients are a base for the liquid and are generally speaking of higher quality although, there are many companies today who are purchasing very low grade PG or VG which may be hard to detect until you have used the product and can taste the difference in quality.This product is sold in several variations but all must be food or cosmetic grade so they would technically be safe to ingest, as far as the enjoyment of this liquid, flavor and the ware on your coil will all help differentiate the quality.

The ingredients that will hold true significance in the difference between a standard quality bottle of juice and Premium E-Liquid is excellent mixology, quality nicotine and the flavoring. Nicotine can be purchased in bulk from many places including but not limited to USA, China & Italy. Throughout these Countries, the standard of quality differs, as does the final product. Low quality Nicotine containing contaminants and impurities  can be determined by smell or even sight as well as the harshness of the product while using it. Whether it be a pungent peppery smell or a cloudy liquid containing visible debris, these are all signs of low quality nicotine.


Flavoring is also easy to differentiate, especially if you have tried several different brands of E-Liquid, both standard and “ Premium”. If not, there are still other factors that will be easy to spot. There are many low quality flavoring ingredients on the market, but only a handful of high quality Premium E-Liquids. With low quality flavors, once combined with the other ingredients ( PG, VG, nicotine ) the distinct  “ sweet blueberry doughnut flavor “ may quickly become homogeneous with the rest of the ingredients and soon have a bottle of juice that doesn’t quite taste like, well, anything. The flavor will become impalpable. You will also notice a much stronger ware on your coils and tank. Due to low quality and high (low grade) sweetener contents, your coil that lasted weeks, may now only be lasting you days.


The other factors in determining the quality can be based off of packaging and bottle type.


Brands packaging their lines in appealing boxes and stamped wax sealed cellophane shows more money going into the packaging. Some of these “Premium” E-Liquids are selling for $1.00 per ml. That brings an average 30ml bottle to $30.00 a bottle average. Are you paying for quality E-Liquid, or are you helping cover the cost of all the unnecessary packaging that is thrown out prior to even trying the flavor?


Another way to display a brand as Premium E-Liquids is by using a glass bottle. This style bottle comes in many colors and sizes and are capped off with a dropper style cap. While it may look classy on the shelf, and have slight benefits to the steeping process, they are actually more expensive and more difficult to fill your tank with than the user friendly plastic bottles, as well as harder to easily remove all of your juice from when your bottle starts to get low due to the construction of the bottle! Today, there are much more cost efficient and user friendly plastic bottles. The nozzle is located on the bottle for ease of use in simply opening the bottle turning it upside down and squeezing until your tank is full, with glass, it will take several attempts with the dropper to pull juice from the bottle and into the tank, voiding any dripping from point A ( the bottle ) to point B ( your tank ).


All of the above examples of hyped up juice lines that like to call themselves Premium. It is not the packaging, price,  bottle style or the catchy name that determines the Premium quality, but the ingredients inside of them. Always inquire with a sales associate to determine the quality of juice. Using E-Liquids as an alternative to smoking or using it as a tobacco replacement is a step in the right direction. But, it is always important to determine the quality of anything you are ingesting.


Premier Vapor® holds it’s Premium E-Liquid to the highest standard. Our lab is AMESA (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association) certified. With this certification, you can be guaranteed all of Premier’s Premium E-Liquids meet and exceed any and all state and federal regulations. Learn more about our flavors and what we offer here  and true quality Premium E-Liquids and what guidelines we meet to provide our customers with only the best Premium E-Liquids here!



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