What is a vapor device and How do they work?

Vapor Devices consist of 3 components; a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge (Tank). The atomizer heats the air drawn into the device to a high enough temperature that it vaporizes the eliquid (Usually Flavored E-Liquid) in a replaceable/refillable cartridge (these need to be replaced every 2 weeks for the best vaping experience) The vapor is then inhaled simulating the smoking experience and satisfying the nicotine craving. The simulated “smoke” is just vapor that evaporates in a few seconds.


Do vaping devices require any maintenance?

Generally, the only maintenance required is changing your atomizer and cleaning your device for two basic reasons. One, The atomizer (coil) used in the device gets old. It gets weaker and performs less, less vapor and less flavor is the result. For this reason and obvious sanitary reasons, It is important to keep your tank well maintained.


When and how often do i have to recharge the battery?

Vapor devices are vast, with so many different devices to choose from, battery power variances are significant. To make it simpler there are generally 3 class of devices; Starter kits, which are usually 800 to 1300MAH (lasting 4-12hrs depending on how much you vape), Intermediate vapor devices which are usually 1300 to 3000MAH, and can range from 8-15hrs and Advanced Vapor products which can last up to an entire day with plenty of power. It will all depend on your specific needs.


How many times can i charge my battery before it is no longer usable?

This varies vastly as explained above, however, on average a battery can be re-charged over 300 times. We have had customers tell us that they have the same devices from years ago that well exceed these averages. But as the Technology of vapor products continues to develop, the better the devices become and more reasons for you to upgrade to a better vape device. Much like the cellular phone or all technology for that matter.


What substances are in E-Liquid?

There are 4 substances that make up E-liquid. These substances include, PG (Propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), Nicotine and Flavorant. VG, PG, Flavorant are consumed everyday whether you vape or not considering how often you can find them in products you use daily. In comparison, traditional tobacco contain at least 80 cancer causing chemicals before its combusts, and over 4,000 afterwards,  including deadly tar.


How much nicotine is in eliquid and how do i know how much i need?

There are many Nicotine levels in E-liquids, ranging from 0MG to even 24 mg. Each level is a strength, much like heavy tobacco or Cigarettes with less potency “Lights”. There is no way to determine how much you may need. You should visit a local Vapor store that sells sealed E-liquid bottles, and try a few levels and flavors. Here is a basic overview of strengths;

  • 0MG equals ZERO nicotine and just the PG, VG and Flavorant. Some people make their way down to a 0MG before they quit altogether.
  • 6-8MG of nicotine is low and compares to an ultra light cigarette
  • 12-18MG of nicotine is Medium to High and compares to light to medium cigarette.  
  • 24MG of nicotine compared to a full flavor cigarette High nicotine potency cigarette. It is important that you know the difference and ask the difference between qualities of Nicotine and all substances. Do not just  buy and consume anything,  remember why you are making the switch…

Do E-Liquids taste the same as regular cigarettes?

E-liquids are offered in a WIDE variety of flavors and a straight tobacco is one of them. In fact,The available Tobacco flavor Eliquids are already surpassing the variety available in traditional cigarettes. E-Liquids are also offered in a wide variety of flavors that you may prefer over tobacco or traditional cigarette menthol flavors.


Does nicotine cause cancer?

No. It is widely believed that nicotine causes cancer, however, it is now known that nicotine is not the cancer causing substance, it is the 400 chemicals and tar that is inhaled when you light and take a hit from a cigarette. Nicotine research is on-going and the medical research has found some advantages and disadvantages of nicotine consumption. Determine through your own research what your opinion is, we are just providing information that we have research on, and a lot of research we have done.   


Are Vapor Products safe?

There’s been a lot of media coverage regarding this topic, which has been very
controversial, however, there have not been conclusive reports on this topic one way or the other. Vapor products are intended to be an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco with over 9 million americans alone having significant success. These are not considered a treatment (smoking cessation) for nicotine addiction.

Are Vapor products approved or regulated by the FDA?

There are NO Vapor products that are FDA Approved. As a matter of Fact there are many products outside the vapor industry that are Not FDA approved, but sold on the market and in your local stores and are probably in your home. Whether the FDA decides to regulate a product or not, or how they will regulate such product, is up to them. However, The FDA Ruled that Vapor Product are tobacco products, hence classifying them under the Tobacco Control act of 2009, which allows FDA the authority to regulate these products as of now.


Do I have to be of legal age to purchase vapor products?

YES! No one under the legal smoking age in your respective state can purchase vapor products and most of the Vapor community is HIGHLY against underage use.


Is the cost of Vaping less than traditional smoking products?

The answer is generally yes, however, The amount saved highly depends on what satisfies you and what style vaping device you have. There are some breakdowns in a blog we wrote that you can be found here; Vaping cost Vs. Cigarette cost which can be helpful for you.


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