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Highest quality vape

Wondering who we are and what we have to offer in this revolutionary vaping industry? Shop the Best vape devices and Eliquids today!

We are here to STAY!

The vaping industry is booming, very competitive and rapidly changing! Our mission at Premier Vapor® is to provide the safest and latest vapor devices and E-liquids on the market. With this industry sector being so new, we are constantly innovating and evolving. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and providing our customers with the best the market has to offer. 

Forward Thinking

We love the challenges within this respective industry. We have a team that works around the clock to identify What is the next best vaping device? What is trending and why? What is best for our customers? What ejuice flavors provide the best satisfaction. These are topics that our team works on daily. We are here for you and to provide the best quality vaping hardware and E-Liquids on the market.

Problem Solvers

Having troubles quitting smoking? Are you looking for an alternative that actually works, but are unsure where to begin? Premier Vapor® is here to help you with that problem. From the easy to use vaping starter kits, to the most advanced vapor devices, Premier Vapor® stocks the Best vape devices and Eliquids! We are prolific in ensuring that we carry and produce a vast selection of vapor products that satisfy all customer needs. Shop Premier and let us help you find what you need to kick the habit and make the switch! 

Customer Support

Let us please be blunt on this topic, We have fanatical support and encourage you to let us aid you in whatever it is you may need! We know that vaping is a new industry and with 5 years of operations, we would love the opportunity to help you with anything. No matter the situation or the questions, our knowledgable and friendly team are always here for you! Reach out now, we will reply!

Some more bullet points on who we are and why you need to shop Premier Vapor®

Premium E-liquid

We offer only the best and safest premium e-liquid lines on the market to ensure the most enjoyable and safest vaping experience. The Best vape devices and Eliquids are always stocked!

Custom Vape Bar

We believe in working at your own pace and having a retail shopping experience that is unmatched. To ensure we could accomplish this, we built a custom flavor bar with menus of all flavors and lines we carry. This ensures your getting exactly what your searching for. Come find your next favorite e juice flavor today!

Best vape devices and Eliquids

We do not believe in supplying sub-par products. That is why we are prolific in making sure you get the very best so your transition is smooth and enjoyable with top of the line hardware.

Shop Vape related

The vaping industry has not only helped people to quit smoking, but it has united many people that now share a same common interest and goal. This is why we created a comfortable environment that can be enjoyed by all! Vape on and live long! Stop by today!

Fanatical Support

Our customer support works round the clock to ensure all orders are fulfilled and your satisfaction is accomplished. We not only strive to meet your expectations but exceed them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our mission is you! We want you to enjoy your transition or new vape set-up and not be discouraged because of faulty defective products which results in you resorting back to analogs. We have warranties on all of our products with no hassle or debate guaranteed!

Smoothest & Safest Electronic Cigarettes on the market! Shop the Best vape devices and Eliquids

The vapor market place is growing quickly throughout the world. Our mission at Premier Vapor® is to provide the safest Electronic Cigarette experience on the market today. Whether you’re looking to quit smoking harmful tobacco products, join the vaping experience, or to find a better solution for your current vape needs, Premier Vapor® is diversified in all areas of this revolutionary market!

We are here to provide the smoothest and safest transition. It is important that you understand that not all Electronic Cigarettes, E Liquids and vape devices are equal. Our friendly staff is here to educate you with all of the variables to ensure your transition from cigarettes to vapor devices are is easy, enjoyable and even fun.  All of our Eliquids lines are manufactured in an FDA registered Lab, 100% FDA compliant and we only use the safest vape ingredients on the market serving you with only the Best vape devices and Eliquids. We have never sold a single bottle of E-Liquid that was not sealed with child proof safety caps. From Day 1 Premier Vapor® has had a no onsite mixing of E Liquid products policy other then in a 100% compliant laboratory. This can ease your concerns and also provide you with the best e liquid flavors and quality on the market.

Premier Vapor® is rapidly expanding our retail brick and mortar Vape stores throughout the United States to accommodate your vaping needs and provide an experience like no other. Premier Vapor® locations are fully custom and geared towards one goal, ultimate customer satisfaction! Premier Vapor® provides an easy online shopping experience for your vape products as well as actual locations to truly provide you with whatever you need to make the switch!

We only carry the highest quality & affordable Electronic Cigarette brands and E Liquids on the market. Wether you shop on line or in store, you will only get the best vaping products available. Step back from the toxins and take in the vapor at Premier Vapor® today! Stop by one of our stores today or give us a call to find the nearest Premier Vapor® location.

See what people are saying about Premier Vapor® shopping Experience

I have been to many shops locally and all over the nation. Premier vapor has surpassed all expectations and is an awesome place for any of your vaping needs. Genuinely nice and fun staff thats also super knowledgable!! Thanks guys keep up the good work.

Darby Bethuy

After going in there a few times, I felt comfortable enough speaking with a few of the employees as we’ll as the owner…A+ excellent customer service, knowledgable people with nothing but, what there name states.. Premier everything!! Found a new and true Vape shop in the lee county area!!

Daniel Schoonmaker

Everyone at Premier is so helpful & Friendly! They go above and beyond to help their customers. They always have new and great items in stock! I wont go anywhere else! Thanks Premier Vapor, we love this business!

Danielle Carlson

WHAAAT…. Let me just say this… Quit wasting time searching for a decent Vape store… Stop in at the lounge and make your first stop your last! It was for us and we couldn’t be more satisfied! They have the best and latest products, the juice is amazing, staff super awesome, very informative! All together a great experience! Couldn’t ask for anything more or better! Premier Vapor you got my vote!!

Mike N Zina Ortega