Technology is Taking Over Every Facet of Our Lives for Better or Worse.

by Sarah Downs | May 17, 2017 | Vape Industry
How the Technology Boom is affecting all Industries especially the Vapor Technology If someone told you just 10 years ago that you would have the option to smoke an electronic cigarette or hold a device (smart phone) that has more technology then what we used to put…

Premier Vapor® is Championing The Brick & Mortar Experience by Combining Online with Reality.

by Sarah Downs | May 24, 2017 | Premier Vapor® News
Premier Vapor® is Evolving the Future Retail Store – It comes as no shock that Brick and Mortar retail stores have been on the down tick as of lately, but what can these companies do to change that? Premier Vapor® brick and mortar locations have taken the retail sector…

Vapor Industry on the Rise While Others Plummet

by Sarah Downs | May 3, 2017 | Vape Industry
Vapor Industry Rising, Big Box Store Fronts Crashing  – With hundreds of large name retail stores closing their doors at a rapid pace, it is hard to contemplate that traditional retail shopping in years to come will no longer be a part of our traditional ways….

 Millennial Blends

Millennial Blends Blu’Raz Raspberries masterfully mixed with the added Millennial touch makes for this all day vape blend.

Medleyz 88 – Fuzzy Naval

A perfect blend of peaches and oranges nails this Vape flavor to taste just like the hit drink “Fuzzy Navel”! Medleyz … Its a numbers game… Choose your favorite number or numbers today!!

Saulie Ray’s – Midnight Rider

An unusual duo of Blueberry and Pomegranate coupled to make this magical flavor! You can ride this vape flavor all day! So Unique and fresh, its hard to put this one down!