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Premier Vapor™ Premium E-Liquid Quality Manufacturing Guarantee

Premier Vapor™ Premium E-Liquid Manufacturing Quality Assurance Guarantee

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Here at Premier Vapor & Lounge® we pride ourselves on having some of the industry’s highest quality premium e-liquids. To ensure our standards are met daily, we have created a multi-step quality assurance checkpoint system that certifies our e-liquids are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Below is just a few of our quality checkpoints and procedures that we have established to guarantee that our e-liquids meet or exceed any & all state and federal regulations. 


Our facility is AEMSA certified for e-liquid manufacturing. This includes raw material verification, following all Good Manufacturing Practices, trace-ability & testing and all e-liquid mixed and bottled in our clean room lab. We are also FDA registered and a multiple state/country certified manufacturer.


Our graphics team verifies label designs, creates and prints all our client labels on Waterproof Vinyl Gloss Labels.
We also include all Manufacture date, batch code, warnings (including Prop 65), all ingredients and nicotine levels on each label.

Raw Materials

Our receiving team logs and tracks all incoming raw materials and verifies all certificates of analysis for quality and purity.
Nicotine dilution concentrations are confirmed by analysis and assigned a lot tracking number for all nicotine stock regardless of concentration and including nicotine free base blends.
Flavorants are also checked for flavor and viscosity against our controls to ensure consistency of final products.
Recipe Validation – confirmation that the actual measured volume matches the recipe requirement in terms of percent total volume
Random sampling is pulled from the production lines for quality & 3rd party lab testing.

Production & Shipping

Our production & shipping team consist of many members in charge of different aspects of the production process. Each team member has their own set of quality assurance checkpoints that each bottle must meet to move into packaging and shipping.

Our goal is to have as many of our team members to touch and verify every bottle that leaves our facility.